I Have A Cold

Maybe. People at work are getting sick and I tend to fall ill around weather changes. And rain. So I have been borderline unwell for a few weeks because there has been rain due to the cooler weather that should be arriving soon. It feels like it's coming some days, but I suspect all seasons will be slightly off from here forward as Texas starts to experience the effects of global warming.

That aside, I am trying harder this year to keep myself from getting very sick. In part because I am limited on PTO for the rest of the year and I want to use it on fun things. The other reason would be that I dislike when I seem to be getting into the habit of working out regularly and then I fall ill and it throws me off for a few weeks. When I feel bad I tend to just sad-snack, so it doesn't really help what I'm going for. So I made myself chicken soup. From scratch! It came out quite well, although not as spicy as I was hoping for. I added peppers but maybe I picked the wrong kind. I think it was poblano. Potatoes, chicken, spinach, corn, carrots, peas, celery and poblano. Maybe I should have used jalapeno? I have accompanied my soup with mimosas. I hope the two things will appease the illness. At the very least perhaps I can make it too drunk to function.

I am trying to rush through the end of Looking for Alaska - but it is a struggle. I might be too dense to understand the subtle nuance of how John Green uses characters to point out the inherent character flaws of other characters, and the YA genre, via dialogue. It probably shouldn't seem so blatant and pandering. Or maybe I just shouldn't be reading this kind of YA at my age. But alas, the intricacies of education cannot be challenged. All study is necessary and worth while.

I think I'll keep it short today, because I am becoming nauseous...but I am kind of excited I am very close to hitting 2500 all time views. A paltry number to some, but I feel like this can only mean I'm even slightly closer to getting more comments on my writing. I like the idea of feeling engaged with a larger world. I suppose I could probably do that in other ways, but people are allowed to be lazy.

On that note, in regards to the views, I noticed that one of the sites that linked to this blog was like- a pornish site? I feel like this is probably some weird coding anomaly, but to anyone who was referred here by that I apologize. This is likely not the blog you were looking for.


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