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Some Girl

I think I'm way too into teenage comedies. Some Girls was a delightful little coming-of-age story. The casting was fairly diverse, and the story centers on a black girl, which, traditionally doesn't happen in America unless the whole show is about being black. Or it's a Shonda Rhimes drama.

If I had to find a reason for my love of coming-of-age stories it's probably that I feel, sadly, I am still in the middle of mine. It's so fantastical to see people figuring their lives out. Becoming adults. Learning to be prepared and to roll with the punches. Life is always taking jabs, and it lands a few blows at first, but by the end of the series the lead always knows they'll be okay. Things always look bright and hopeful.

So here I am, practically a pharmacy with my pills pills pills [mood stabilizer, anxiety reducer, anti-psychotic and high cholesterol (because I eat fucking terribly)] and running around for years with a slight tremor, just waiting to fall apart.

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