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And When She Lets Me Slip Away

Also Titled: Because I Wanted You To Know

One of my biggest fears, especially when I am using a song title, TV reference or lyric to title a post, is that I am going to use the same thing twice. Like a fool.

Some people are a time capsule.

I am sore today because I danced last night like I could shake off the years I wasted. Or, more accurately, wildly-thrash-and-jump off the years I wasted. I got a couple of good songs for my nostalgia playlist out of the night, too. It was a strange sensation, though, being around people with the same love. A lot of people looked like everyone I knew from high school, when I knew them in high school, but much whiter, because I am now in Austin. The guys of Austin have never looked better. I hate myself for having an era of nostalgia. And even more for a type. There was a guy there that looked like the kind of mistake I'd dive head into. He had sharp facial features, a ponytail, and he wore all black with hanging suspenders. To be honest, I don&#…

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