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I should subscribe to the New York Times. I love NYT. I feel like NYT, the New Yorker, and Washington Post add a lot of value to my life and I should really be contributing to their continuance- but maybe I also resent myself for not going with a journalism major and I'm taking it out on them. More likely, I'm indulging in that one economic principal I can't remember the name of- where basically everyone is terrible and is way more likely to take advantage of free stuff. I spend a lot of my day calculating exactly what would be missing from my diet if I restricted it completely to the snacks that are provided in the breakroom. It's not as though they're bad snacks, either. It's trail mix, beef jerky, dried fruit, various sparkling waters, wheat thins, chips- it's probably completely sustainable. There's even pita chips now! I feel like I'm just a step down from having "made it" by landing a sweet tech gig with a cafeteria. I have never fin…

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