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If You're Not Angry You're Not Paying Attention

George Bush!

Parents suck! They don't get that I'm not made for college!

Celebrities are tools!

No one understands me!

I'm going to steal my friend's girlfriend...

I spent the last two hours of work with the Spotify Pop Punk Powerhouses playlist. It was uniquely satisfying in how unsatisfying it was. It was the auditory equivalent of going to a German fetish hospital and having my balls squeezed. (You really ought to be watching Killing Eve, then you would understand.) It was fun to realize how unwarranted all of my anger was up to now. I don't think I even was angry, I just liked the idea of raging in a very commercially palatable way.

And my pre-teen sexual awakening probably had a part in it, too. At least with The All-American Rejects for sure. That guy is still hot in a "I'm going to die of a heroin overdose someday" way. Who knows, though, he could survive well into his old age, like Kate Moss. He was in that cancer movie with Toni Colette I tol…

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