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We'll See How It Goes

I am ensnared. Confined by a cold rain metastasizing to ice on the roads. My weather app tells me it's snowing. I imagine that is where you are- blessed by the snow. In a part of the world gifted with airy white flakes that fall gracefully like the natural lightness in your heart. A soul callously unburdened by the disastrous nature of your life and it's effect on others. Aloof and fleeting people love to dance with you, but after too long you begin to destroy life. Now that I know your new girlfriend is moving in I wonder how long it will take for you to hurt her and I wish I were able to sever myself from you completely.
There are icicles outside. I've never seen icicles in real life before. It's snowed twice in Texas this winter. I keep experiencing new things.
I started watching 9-1-1 today. It's a little too emotionally draining with no real pay-off. It's like speed-running episodes of SVU but never seeing anyone go to trial. The outcomes are rushed as are…

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