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That's Not The Right Ending

I finished The Beautiful Lie- and now I hate Australians.

Vronsky cheats on Anna. For a few minutes I was inconsolable. I think I loved his love for Anna more than I have ever loved anything in my life, and I was devastated by an interpretation in which that love was jeopardized. A world where that love is broken.

So I hate Australians because it was an Australian adaptation. It was very good up until that point. The fake Vronksy was very handsome, although a career as a music producer was a little lame and not nearly as competitive as the original plan of climbing to military prestige. But he was handsome, in a pouty gaunt way- in skinny jeans and jean jackets over hoodies with shoulder length hair and a warm smile.

I realized in watching the show that I would like to be an actress. I'd like to fall in love over and over again on my own terms. Knowing that the emotions were fake, that it would all end, that I could pick the story to some extent. Maybe I'll take some acting cl…

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