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The Worst Thing to Happen to Him

There is ambient music coming from the apartment above and when I step outside it smells like a dive bar. But a perfume of rain rides the breeze through the corridor.

I bought a car. This car is mine. I saved (briefly) and made the down payment myself.

I suppose this is something I should have been able to do by now. And it probably was possible, I just didn't have a reason to before I decided I didn't want the car Scott helped me get.

Upon reflection, this has been a pretty good experience. I have learned I can sustain myself in a town that is becoming prohibitively expensive. I have bought myself necessities. Well, not necessities per se, but the things people often associate with the most basic level of adulthood. I got a matching set of pots and pans, dishes, a bed, a TV, a new laptop and now a car. And I love my new car. I love the freedom and growth it represents. It's perfect in every way. I may be paying a bit much on interest, but the "finance guy" recom…

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