Day 6

I am starting to take comfort again in the similarity of The Kitten and Isis. The Kitten doesn't look as small now that she's on her own. Sometimes she makes the same little grumbles because she learned to speak from Isis. Her meow is distinctly her own, a little chirpier than Isis' call for attention. Isis was in-your-face. She was a banshee. Her screech was the empowered cry of a riot grrrl goddess.

That may be going a bit too far. I don't think Isis had much care for gender politics- but her voice meant so much to me.

Sometimes at the right angle The Kitten has her face. That is bittersweet. I get a little confused and wonder if it was The Kitten that I gave away. I wonder if they were so close that they have now just become one, because the spirituality of cats is so much greater than ours. They are so much kinder and have learned to share their bodies so that their loved ones may never die. This is why The Kitten never seemed as grief-stricken. There was no reason to be. The two would never be closer.

I will be going to Houston this weekend to pretend I am at the other end of my twenties. I realized that with this last bit of drama there is little more that I have to fear from this year. With some student loan money I will be much closer to paying off my debts and so I can dedicate my focus to school and work. I have all but given up on dating for a while. I think now in the quiet of The Kitten's company it will be far easier to focus on myself.

I hope Isis will be proud.


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