Young Love

This morning I am watching Election- which I am not sure I entirely understand. Or, rather, I am not sure I have found a way to relate to any of the characters. All their complications seem hokey and manufactured in the same way the drama of American novels set in small towns feel. My own drama isn't much better, and there's definitely been a lot of it in the last few days.

My saving markers as a character, I think, are the fairly modern struggles, or modernly recognized struggles: mental illness, a late start to school, social media's meddling in relationships, the drive to be a jack-of-all-trades artisan, listicles...

I made a really strange breakfast for myself this morning of grits and tuna in sriracha and peanut sauce. Perhaps this is coloring my perception of the film. And the fact that try as he might Matthew Broderick will never escape being Ferris Bueller. Never. I won't let him. I can't move on and neither shall he.

Without any context I was told in the last week that I was remembered as being pretty funny, and that I was lashing out because I am hurt. This makes me feel like the cyclical way of life that I had been trying to run from is moving a lot faster than I assumed it would. I need to wash my car. I'm so uncomfortably full of tuna, but the food was actually pretty good. Weird, but good.

I've been watching a few things lately: Trial and Error, which features one of the vote counters from Election. It's definitely getting cancelled. It's a throw back to the time of 30Rock and Parks and Rec but in no way that counts outside of being mockumentary style. It's a bit unfortunate that something starring John Lithgow is such a flop, but if you think about it, the success rate of a television show is incredibly low. Every fall there are about 50 new shows at least across the major networks. That's an exaggeration, for sure. But, there's at least 20-30 and at the every season some previously renewed shows will die along with about half of the ones that premiered that season. As it is the terrible titled Time After Time I talked about a few weeks ago has been axed.

The other thing I've been watching, and reading, is Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency which has Elijah Wood reprising his standard role of angry-put-out-guy. In the show at least, I haven't identified where Elijah Wood falls into being frustrated in the novel. I'm sure it's there, as it is in every novel. "And Elijah Wood huffed, incapable of hiding his growing unease with the situation he was being placed in."- Anna Karenina, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, Not That Kind of Girl, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl...

I suddenly want something with cabbage because there is one on TV. I am too easily manipulated. Which is something that's come up a couple of times this week.

Anyway, Dirk Gently's the show is AMAZING. I love every second of it right now, but in particular the introduction of Bart, the holistic assassin! She spends a lot of the first two episodes in bloody clothes with matted hair and I like her character so much I'm considering going as her for Halloween, in addition to Aubrey Plaza from Legion and Jessica Jones, but I think people would just see it and assume "post-apocalyptic-zombie-survivor". Myex said it depends on how many people watched the show, which is true, so I have been practicing her low register graveled voice. The actress somehow talks as though every word is grating through her throat to come out jagged and bloodied. It's a great sound. Elijah Wood does a fantastic job as the straight man and all the supporting characters are really interesting. I would definitely recommend it. As for the book, I haven't made it too far into it because I have had such a hard time reading in general. I hope my glasses come in soon because I want to be done with the book by the end of the month. As it is I am only able to read two chapters at a time and that's only about 6 pages. The typeface is just too small.

Did you know Malibu was in California? I'm so bad at geography.

Title inspired by Hello, My Name is Doris.


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