Coffee Time

I like to imagine this is just a terribly one-sided conversation. I'm kind of a selfish friend, so it works out pretty well. I like to think if you read this regularly we're just kind of coming together to hangout. Sometimes we may be drinking coffee, sometimes we may be drinking wine, who knows- the beverage options are endless! We chat for three to five minutes about things that range from John Oliver to the inane and then I disappear from your life for days to weeks at a time.


My other desire, I have just now recognized, is for this blog to be one of the top search results when someone looks for John Oliver. And then the restraining order comes.

I have pulled my GPA up in two semesters from a 1.7 to a 3.0. My youth was spent in self-medicated tears, so the 3.0 is a more accurate indicator of my capabilities. I'm a B as a person. Not particularly exceptional, but better than passing. I guess the 1.7 was pretty accurate too, I have been a mess. I'm just better at being a functional mess. I'm like a functioning alcoholic, dizzy and belligerent, without the benefit of constantly being drunk.

I have submitted a draft of my research paper. Aside from that I will be getting an A in this class, that might bring up my GPA a little more. I think I will be able to apply for business school by Fall 2016 if I keep this momentum. If I can continue my good luck of coasting through classes. What a horrifying thought. I want things to slow down but I worry any slowing would derail things.

I forgot how much I enjoy being in class as well. I think I need to try to read more, but it is hard to divide my time- there's so many things to watch and television is where my heart is.

Speaking of, I am beyond excited for the Hulu original series produced by Amy Poehler: Difficult People!
It gives me hope that 20 (10?) years from now one of my heroes will fund a project for me. I don't think I will ever be comfortable starring though.


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