All Things Go

I came up with a topical joke today: Congratulations to Kylie Jenner on turning 18! Now your relationship with 25-year-old Tyga doesn't seem as creepy! (The joke is that it's still creepy because this isn't the Middle Ages and child brides are generally considered a human rights violation.)

I also thought of a small scene for like the intro to season 2 or 3 of Problematic should it ever actually become a thing: "The Girls" are in a car, chatting, and the scene is basically a Transporter style car-driving scene but it's clear that the girl driving isn't actually a good driver- she just happens to be getting away with near misses of potentially horrific accidents. At the end of that 45 seconds of whatever where the passenger is aware of danger of her friend driving and is becoming increasingly agitated, though they are still talking, the driver parks, or thinks she parks, and the car slides into, like, a bike rack or something as they step out of it. It was inspired by the fact that I am a terrible driver and will likely die a fiery car death.

Other than that I have been watching more Masters of Sex and I am becoming increasingly impressed with the way characters are developed on Showtime original programming vs. HBO. To be fair- I really only watch Game of Thrones and Last Week Tonight. I did watch True Detective season 1 and Silicon Valley but both shows seemed to fall apart this season. I haven't dedicated the time to disappointing myself. Still, I have been playing with the trial of Showtime on Hulu and so far found three shows with strong female characters who were in starring roles, if the show did not completely center on them, and I can only think of Girls and Veep where HBO is concerned. HBO also has a larger catalog of original content which makes it even weirder that they seem to have way fewer female-centered shows. I may be over-looking something.

Beyond that, today my partner and I realized that we will not be able to live together past this lease. I like the title partner better than boyfriend because that is always what I wanted the relationship to be, and I think in some ways it was. He was a great boyfriend, despite some hiccups on both sides, but we are just growing in completely different directions. It's made me very sad but in a reserved way- there is nothing to do but accept it. I will become quite vicious otherwise. We still love each other, but we should be free.

I think I hate the idea of losing. Everyone is getting married and we have been together for eight years. We can be happy. I also hate what this means for my perspective on love. I have always been one of those sad, silly, true-love/fated-romance types. People are destined to be together. They get over crazy difficult circumstances like the end of the world and come out realizing that the answer to everything was always their love. MILLIONS DEAD, but it's cool because two attractive people are happy now. I wanted to be one of those attractive people! I don't think that's how I actually operate though. I'm broken and snide. It's entirely possible no one will ever be enough. Perhaps, in a sad way, we were destined for each other- to help me realize that ever-lasting love just isn't in my cards. As Ethan said at the end of Season 2 “…your road may be difficult, but mine is doomed, so we walk alone.” 


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