Untitled Work #1

I will have to invest some time in properly formatting this blog at some point. I have no idea what I want it to look like, but on a whim I decided to go back through the templates today. I discovered this rainy one that I felt was absolutely perfect. How dreary! Cloudy, sad, little blog.

I also wanted to share my Spotify profile- for no real reason other than I have been sinking into a nostalgic melancholy of sound and I want you to be able to fall into the whine-based music of the mid-2000's with me. It's all The Decemberists, Interpol and The Killers around here. The Killers is probably the thing that most pains me to acknowledge of my former musical taste. This is particularly insulting to The Killers because I also hold a special place in my very twee heart for The Postal Service. Somehow the bizarre Mormon sound is still more shameful.

Anyway, I wanted to share my Spotify profile, but I could not figure it out. I am blind to the correct use of Blogger. It is probably not even an issue with how user friendly the site is itself- I am aging and my ability to comprehend the internet is sure to be the first thing to go. I have seen it happen before- Scott often finds it hard to search for things on Amazon. It's so sad to see his mind fading.

I have a research paper I should be working on. It was going to be a scathing indictment of how companies are woefully inadequate in their acknowledgement of the cost of employee turnover. Alas, I hate citations and in general would prefer not to- I have a few paintings to work on and exercising to put off and all sorts of more interesting ways to spend my time. This is a lie, of course. In doing my research I have found that scholarly journals are actually incredibly interesting but in a dull tinged way that makes them hard to consume in one sitting. This has been a problem for my progress.

In other news I have been told I should try to create a more defined character for this blog. The most obvious one being some sort of Colbert-style exaggeration of an ideology: The Misandrist! The key difference being that I do have some misandrist leanings where as I like to believe Stephen Colbert is not at all like his silly Republican alter-ego.

This suggestion came about after I realized that the reason I may get such odd responses to my jokes might be because I am not telling jokes. I think I may just be saying things I think are funny. I may need to research how this whole comedy thing works- is there a scholarly journal for that?


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