I have come to an interesting revelation. In English class we discussed "The Star" by Arthur C. Clarke, which is essentially a story regarding our relation to God. When I initially read the story I thought that the ending indicated some bizarre crossing of time and space in which the star that the company traveled to had been our Sun. I was terribly disappointed to find this was not the case. I don't know which is the better twist- just being the star of Bethlehem or the star of Bethlehem having been the destruction of some future selves. Perhaps my initial misunderstanding is too conventional at this point. I guess I wouldn't really care about some random civilization dying- nor really our own civilization dying. I assume people are as selfish as I am and would not be moved by this loss either. If we were capable of that scope of empathy I think it would be easier to get people to resolve problems on Earth. Not that there aren't people trying, but it's hard to really take into consideration all the problems if they don't immediately affect you.

I dislike this new-old-correct ending because it is even more something that primarily appeals to the religious. While I am intrigued by religion I dislike things that specifically cater to religions when it comes to art. I am unmoved.

Other than that, I am in Houston now. It has been a visit. It is so far neither interesting nor unpleasant. It is as it has always been which verges on painfully awkward but not quite. I have met three new dogs. We have become great friends and promise to write. We ate popcorn together while watching the first season of Game of Thrones. I was not so aware of Khal Draago's waist cincher the first time I saw this. I ate at a new restaurant- it was Cajun; I enjoyed it. Another friend is getting married which, of course, leads me to question why I am so unlovable. Presumably it is my dour artistic nature, although my inherent bitchiness probably doesn't help. My mother told me today that if I did not want to lose people I could try to change. I would rather not. So I will die alone, surrounded by cats.

I am considering hate-watching a series to write reviews.
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