I was recently tasked with talking about things I like for five posts. I really thought I typically talked about things I like, but I try not to read back through this stuff after posting it, so I really don't know. Never go back, kids, any backward momentum is death.

I had also been considering for some time that I think the best/worst thing about being "clinically depressed" is that I feel like an over-all happy and well adjusted human being in the moments I'm not curled in a ball sobbing and pulling out my hair. It's fun. Life is good. This will all be immensely entertaining on film, I'm sure.

But anyway, back to the main topic. My roommate/current-boyfriend/only subscriber has taken to giving me notes after he sees that I have written something new. They are typically along the lines of "why are you doing so many things that you dislike?" which kind of overlooks the idea that writing is one of the things I enjoy the most, but I've let that go. It is true that I do quite a few things that I do not particularly enjoy and my head becomes a little cluttered and throbby, but that's adulthood, right? Like, if you're not spending several hours a week holding your head to try to squeeze the pressure into submission you're probably in grade school and should not be reading this blog. I've talked about masturbation here, this is not for you. This is not for your eyes.

I do, to a degree, appreciate any constructive criticism, though, so I will give it a shot.

So now I am going to gush about how much I love iZombie. We are 3 episodes into the second season and it looks like Rob Thomas (of Veronica Mars/Party Down fame, not Matchbox-Twenty-fame) is keeping pace with the stellar first season. This is definitely the best zombie-themed show on TV right now if only because of the great premise and twist on zombification.

If you are not aware of the idea behind iZombie here is a little recap: drugs are bad and zombies that feast on your brain will take on your personality until the nutrients work their way out of their system. I absolutely love that concept- I am totally down to become a zombie now. Being able to feel things the way other people feel them is literally everything I want in life. Now, to OD on some crazy combination of energy drink and liquid cocaine or whatever the hell "utopium" is meant to be. We did learn, through the sadness of Major's descent into -well, sadness, that utopium is snorted. Inhaled, if you will. It looks like a tiny vial of liquid though so how that works out I have no idea.

Rose McIver does a fantastic job of acting as though her personality is colored with the flavor of whatever brain she has recently ingested. It must be such a fun show to write for. Of course, there is always a lesson to be learned from living as a person who someone deemed murder-able, but the growth that zombie-Liv goes through (or epiphanies she has) never feel preachy.

The villainous CEO of mega-huge energy drink company Max Rager, Vaughn Du Clark, played by Steven Weber, is the perfect smug, self-satisfied, cheeky villain that most shows don't bother to take the time carving out. A show really needs a good antagonist because if the conflict is not entertaining then why are you watching? David Anders, as Blaine DeBeers, provides further fun as the zombie drug dealer that seemingly unwittingly created the growing hoard (of zombies, obvi) but is slowly being revealed as a considerably more calculating force of corporate evil. It's all about dudes vying for money and power, as it always is, but the spin on the theme is interesting enough that more people should be watching. I am kept up at night with thoughts that once again Rob will be given only a couple of seasons of greatness before this is cut down because of ratings or something.

OMG Liv said "A long time ago we used to be friends" in the last episode. Perfection.


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