Ashes to Ashes

Are you happy?

I feel as though I am being packed away. There is a growing sense of separation. It is becoming tangible, like a curtain, like several curtains that I was faintly aware always existed but felt could not hold us apart. Now I understand I have been clawing at something that was never within my reach.

I should stop attempting to be so needlessly poetic. Am I hurting others? Probably. Am I hurting myself? Assuredly. Do I know how to stop? No. All I understand is this box and the perception of a widening distance. Would widening even be the correct term?

This must be my own doing. Though it might be reactionary the way that I react is optional.

I'm happy.

My best friends have an affinity for dressing like David Bowie. It is almost Halloween time and I am incredibly excited about going costume shopping. I have so many great ideas, but the one I am planning for is Myrtle Snow because Frances Conroy totally killed it (literally). I also want to go as Imperator Furiosa if time permits. It's way more likely I will get a second costume as ZayDay or one of the Channel's from Scream Queens because that show is my new jam. It's hilarious and it has brought Niecy Nash back into my life which I will forever be grateful for. It could use some Evan Peters- but everything could use a little Evan Peters being creepy-hot in my opinion, so I am not going to hold that against it. Honestly it's really improved upon the sound-tracking that Glee excelled at and the horror that American Horror Story has kind of made it's thing- it really is the best of both worlds. I just have no idea how they are going to get a second season out of this without doing a completely different story a la AHS. I'm really counting on Ryan Murphy to not end this on a totally horrible cliff-hanger where they like kill the killer but did they really? It would add to some of the camp I guess, but it just should not be done. Unless he can find a way to make it adequately referential and ridiculous.

Anyway, besides my love affair with new fall TV, I am still in school, have started a new job and have kind of slacked on all other creative fronts. I think my focus is now moving toward like working out or something. We'll see.


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