Things I Should Be Doing


What I am doing: catching up on Jane the Virgin and Last Man on Earth. JtV- terrific as always. Although, I'm still on the fence about Rafael's lips. Sure, he has an AMAZING smile, but resting face very much resembles one of those male Bratz dolls. Is that really the future I want for Jane?

Probably. I'd hit that. Like I said- AMAZING smile. I'm a sucker for a great smile.

What I would not hit: Last Man on Earth. Even if it were the last man on Earth. I was really intrigued by the concept of a one man sitcom to be honest...primarily because it seemed like such a hard gimmick to pull off. ::SPOILERS:: it does not solely star Will Forte. IT DOES really center on Will Forte and how pathetic he is. At least so far, I've caught up to Episode 6, which I feel is enough time to set the tone of a sitcom. Really the tone for a show should be set by the second or third episode, I think. I wouldn't expect to gain viewership off of the 4th episode. People expect a pilot to be wonky because you need to provide enough information about a premise to draw people in and then with the next couple of episodes you show people what the series will be I am fairly confident that I will not find Forte's character gaining further depth to his antics. Kristen Schaal is fantastic but she can't carry the show.

Now for economics- I kind of put off additional studying because I have a bunch of graphs to memorize and that sounds hard...and annoying. I also have not slept very much in last couple of days while I contemplated how much I really should study. I am very much in control of this situation, as I am of my life in general. All of this is clearly a plot of my subconscious to let my conscious down. At least part of me is in control at all times- it just happens to frequently be the self-sabotaging procrastination part of me.

So let's talk about The Tragedy of the Commons!

Common resources are goods that are rival in consumption but not excludable- this means that the good cannot be consumed by more than one person but it is difficult to regulate who gets the goods. A parking lot might be considered a common resource- you can't use a space that is already in use but in the case of a free parking lot it is difficult to restrict who can park there.

So the Tragedy of the Commons is a parable about a town of sheep herders who, as their town grows, neglect to set restrictions on grazing in the common parcel of land. Eventually the commons are over-used and become barren which devastates the town economy. This lesson on common goods can be tied into the previous discussion on externalities because it is the failure to consider how use of a common resource would effect society as a whole that leads to the loss in productivity.

Sweet- one topic down- 7 graphs to go.


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