Exam 2

I'm having a hard time with cohesive thought. I haven't been sleeping well.
Luckily, in a week my first semester is over. Unfortunately, before that I have exams. And finals, if I do atrociously on my exams. And work- forever.

You'll be happy to know that the next semester includes a writing course. Hopefully, that will make the quality (maybe even quantity?) of these posts better. In the interim my next couple of exams are written exams and I find trying to outline the material difficult. I can't remember how this went in semesters long ago so I can't predict whether I will succeed.

Mindy Kaling recently 'grammed a photo of her essay topics for her next book so I feel I should consider at this point: what would Mindy Kaling do? Probably take another photo with an awesome gift she got for being a well known public figure. Damn, I wish that were an option. It would probably be better to consider what Mindy would do pre-fame but I haven't finished her first book so I don't know.

As I mentioned before, I am currently studying macro and microeconomics and trying to tie it into my life so that I do not forget about it. Unfortunately, at this point the company I am working for does not seem to be abiding by the logic of these courses. I don't know if I've ever worked for a company that took into consideration the cost of worker turn-over. Maybe that has some bearing on the problems the middle-class is experiencing? Maybe I am not well educated enough to have snuck into the lower middle-class so I suffer through these odd companies. At least they'll make a good story.


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