Cherries Are Really Good Right Now

They must be in season? I don't really keep up with fruit seasons. I assume blueberries are in season because it's not fucking FIVE DOLLARS per pint!! I highly recommend cherries at the moment.

An Update:
My fascination with porn has waned. As my fascination with most things tend to do.

I feel like I should clarify something- I did briefly mention that I don't masturbate. I want to make sure it's out there that I don't necessarily find anything wrong with masturbation. Go ahead, have at yourself, I won't judge. I do find female masturbation kind of icky though. I realize this is a juvenile way of looking at sexuality- but I don't like things that are moist. I'm sorry. I probably wouldn't make a good lesbian. I don't do dishes if they've been left in the sink. I hate raw tomatoes. I'm a hard pass on slimy moisture even if it's for self-gratification.

Luckily, vaginas are worth a little more as sexual real-estate, so I can typically find someone who will take care of those sexual needs. It doesn't hurt that I currently have a boyfriend.

I kind of hope I coin the term "sexual real-estate" but I am sure it has been used before.

It is one of my dreams to coin a term. I recently used #carbfessions, hopefully that will catch on?

I also find myself experiencing a lot of collaboration envy lately. It's probably the artist version of #FOMO. It always takes me 30 seconds to remember that stands for Fear Of Missing Out.

Collaboration envy might be worse. I feel like collaboration envy extends into your perception of how others perceive you. (Yeah, soak that thought in...) As an "artist" it's pretty nice when people want to work with you. It might mean people like you? It might mean people think you're personable. It might mean people respect your work, and that sounds awesome. I probably have to work on being more personable.

It's not my fault though- I was raised on Law and Order SVU.


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