Election Day

I have never seen the movie with Reese Whitherspoon. I feel like I should at some point. I like Reese so I bet I would like it.

Today is Election Day in America and this is the first election I have voted in.

It's also probably the first thing I have been sure of in a while. Obviously I voted for Hillary Clinton. I liked Hillary Clinton even when I kind of liked Bernie Sanders because she's experienced and seems like someone who really wants to do something positive.

And now a brief rant:

If you did not like Hillary Clinton at some point because she's "too much of a politician" or "makes bad choices" or used the term super predator, I get it. I get it, but you're terrible. Especially if you are also a girl, you are terrible. Because I am not a politician and I know I spend half of my day policing my own words because women just do not typically get to just say whatever the fuck they want.

Realistically, if Hillary Clinton said even 15% of the heinous things that Donald Trump has said, or 30% of the heinous things a normal, sitting republican politician says (which typically include things about gay people, black people, and abortion at are all ridiculous and wrong) we would have stoned her to death or something. She wouldn't just have been laughed out of the political arena as we should have done with Donald Trump- she would have been eviscerated along the way. Just like she has been nitpicked over things that are politically disappointing, sure, but not uncommon of politics. You typically don't get elected by being completely partisan. That's kind of what made it hard for the Bernie Sanders camp, and, again, should have been what brought down Trump- and this is because the inherent concept behind politics that people like to pretend doesn't exist is THAT IT'S ABOUT FUCKING COMPROMISE. As should be the majority of your life unless you just take things from other people and never show a wink of empathy like a fucking dick.

So I do, I do, very much sympathize with you not liking a politician because they are a politician, but my empathizing with your stupid position doesn't make it less stupid. My understanding you are frustrated about the state of an America where very little is getting done because of partisan policy-makers does not exempt you from being sexist or racist for trying to take that frustration out on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Mike Pence tried to make Indiana the Republican dream and for it he got an AIDS epidemic, the state suffered job losses, and he got the state boycotted. These are all caused by very conservative policy initiatives by local government, that is now trying to become big government, and it's not the kind of thing that is isolated to Indiana and our Republican Vice Presidential nominee. This weird super social conservative wing has been steam rolling all sorts of legislation and mucking up the political system but people don't vote in mid-terms so they've been maintaining office!! This is the kind of thing you should be angry about. Not a person who said something bad and realized it was bad and is trying to correct her misguided views. Someone, a political party, that refuses to evolve- that holds the government hostage so that they can pander to people who don't want women to get healthcare because sometimes that might mean an abortion.

We hold women and people of color to a much higher standard, and I have personally had enough. And now my biggest pet peeve is people who are acting like Hillary Clinton isn't a fine candidate. Imperfect, sure! THEY ALL FUCKING ARE. But she has tried to do things to help other people, people who are not herself and who do not look like her and her family. She has fought for a career that was not made over making a quick buck on little people through predatory technical schools. She is no more a terrible candidate than George Bush, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, JFK- but she does have a vagina, and they didn't, so I guess I can see where the confusion comes into play.

Why does Mel Gibson have a new film out?! Why?! Why did anyone sign up to work with him when he is a spiritual predecessor to Donald Trump? And it's a film about a pacifist in World War II!!!! He's made this Oscar-baity film about the antithesis of who we know him to be- an unapologetically mean spirited anti-Semite!!! I am glad to hear that he has gotten sober, but he can still be quoted as feeling that this whole "angry rape-threatening anti-Semite" thing was blown way out of proportion! Can't a guy say things in the heat of the moment sometimes?

Well, yes, it happens, and then people who are good human beings will IMMEDIATELY AND SINCERELY APOLOGIZE. And when that happens, yes, by all means, let us please move on. People make mistakes and we should operate with compassion toward others and under the belief that everyone can be redeemed. Not in a religious way, in a lets not make things significantly worse for other things we co-exist with and know to have some form of consciousness way. We are all humans, and there's no reason to make even humans that hurt other humans hurt more, because we can't just cycle hatred forever.

But Donald Trump, Mel Gibson, and all the countless other people who are in positions of power, and do and say terrible and hateful things, and then are more concerned with their own self-image, should not just be let off the hook. Certainly they shouldn't be met with far less scrutiny than Hillary Clinton has been over her fucking emails!!! There has to be some difference between holding people down who may have made mistakes but now seek to change, and lifting people up who have made mistakes and do not care to change. For the sake of my own very sparse sanity, there has to be a difference.


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