Here is another two-part post, this first part is from early March:

What are your passions?

Process improvement and comedy. I want things to be as efficient and amusing as possible at all times. Those at the two things I geek out about. On a broader level, television, but right now I have zeroed on comedy.

I'm not sure when either became such a big deal for me either. I have other interests, of course, but those are, for the most part, things that I can be far more fickle about. I don't feel a constant longing or compulsion- although- perhaps that is a lie. I think processes improvement and comedy are just at the forefront right now. They are the IT Girls of my obsessions which also include fashion, drama, art, chocolate and wikipedia. I do on occasion ache to draw or write in the same way I am now driven to reformat documents and lay-out procedures.

I am not sure when this fixation developed, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with my urge to Google: I just like knowing things. It helps to frame my not-always-concrete grasp of reality to know as much as possible. It's overwhelming at times, though, because the problem with knowledge lies in the questions that spring from the answers you were originally looking for.

I may have the flu. I am very tired but it has been hard to get comfortable and fall asleep because I am also very nauseous. I do not have a fever though, so perhaps I am actually fine.

And Today:

I have lost my cat and most of the will to live.


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