This Is A Disaster

I have been so wrapped up in trying to find a new job and other silly things I completely missed a deadline.
I'm devastated. My soul collapsed upon itself when I realized how far behind in reading I am.
Class was kind of the one thing going well.
Here is the essay I threw together today that will probably not be accepted:

Maya Lin
Disappearing Bodies of Water
Rosa Parks Circle

People do not normally tie landscapes to their identity. The world is so vast that it is so easy to ignore; there is so much detail that it can seem impossible to take it all in. Maya Lin attempts to do this through her sculpture and monuments.

Through the duality of taking the overwhelming scope of the world and giving focus to particular formations she ties not just her identity, as a child of immigrants growing up amongst rolling hills, but the Earth’s identity in with our identity as people who occupy this space. She explores the water formations that are diminishing around the globe and draws us back in with the tides to see how we are a part of this change. I believe part of the content behind her work is to challenge our identity.

Her work is a clear extension of her identity as an activist and an architect through its subject matter and composition. “It’s taken me...a body of work to see how I’m developing,” she says. She has chosen to focus on hills, crevices and water. As both an artist and an architect she is very in-tune with space but makes a point to utilize it differently. I think this background where as an artist she would be perceived as fluid and an architect must be meticulous, studious, has heavily influenced her fascination with the natural world and in particular: water.

In her design for Rosa Parks Circle she notes that part of the theme is the stages of water: solid, liquid, gas. I like the idea that the project explores what water can be on such a basic level. It seemed odd to me though that with how socially conscious Maya Lin is she did not create something that you would associate with Rosa Parks. I feel as though she gave up the opportunity to explore the identity of the person the space would be dedicated to through the use of it.


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