Right Now- Top Thoughts

This blog needs some re-formatting. I will get to that when I have more time/motivation. Right now it's hard enough pushing myself to type...which reminds me, I should paint soon.

Right now, I should be studying for my first Exam of my rehabilitated college career. Predictably, I have studied about 0.25% today with an average of 5% over the course of the course. If I get any higher than a 70 it will be further proof that life is not fair and I am an implement of it's prejudice. A disturbing position to be aware of as a minority woman.

Instead of studying, I am considering how quickly I am going to dump Netflix when HBO unveils it's own streaming service and whether I will make the investment binge watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt before I do so. Opportunity cost. In case I did not previously mention, I am taking Macro and Microeconomics right now. My largest problems with the courses are the arrangement of vowels in them and the concept of opportunity cost.

It's probably the most obvious concept, as most social sciences seem to be pretty elaborate investigations into common sense, but I did not realize it could be expressed so succinctly.

I should be studying. I have chosen to blog. The opportunity cost is my time studying and anything else I am giving up. Luckily, I like linking concepts around, so my blogging is a tiny bit studying and we are up to 0.33%. I will have to weigh out what else I feel comfortable giving up to squeeze in UKS.

One thing is clear- Netflix will have to go. HBO has already divulged that their streaming service will likely be around $15, and while I know new subscriptions for Netflix are increasing in cost as well, I feel less likely to renew my subscription once I cancel it. Netflix has provided well for me in the past but Orange is the New Black cannot compete with Game of Thrones. It is not sexy or murder-y enough, I'm sorry. Provided that GoT, Silicon Valley and Last Week Tonight are included in the HBO streaming service it is the obvious winner. I love TV and HBO and Hulu Plus will give me the best access to current seasons to dissect and muse my own sitcom dreams against.

Which brings me to my last top thought of the day- long running sitcoms are probably dying off. For that matter, long running shows in general are probably dying off. I think in this television renaissance we are learning to let shows run their course gracefully rather than beat them past several shark jumps into unbearable-series-of-cameosville.

To prove this I deliver Parks and Rec- which recently ended after 7 seasons in a blaze of kooky, but not at all adorkable, glory. It perfectly wrapped the story lines of all of the characters we had grown to love and I know this care was appreciated by the fans. This is the new life expectancy of a sitcom. Ten seasons of FRIENDS and nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother will be appropriately written into history books as the bloated monstrosities that they are....but now I have to shrink the character growth I wanted to 5-7 seasons. :(


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