Last Week Today- A Brief Recap

In the almost six months between my initial post touting that I need more writing practice and seek to improve my life style I have gone through a lot of "phases." Most notably the phase I keep trying to transform into a habit: cooking. Here are some of the better products of ruining pinterest's attempts to help be be a human being:
It's shrimp with kale, zucchini and cherry tomatoes with a cheesy pasta cage!
Stuffed green peppers and avocado rice! 
And finally a quiche I really enjoyed that was easy to make and would make again. Kale, corn, cherry tomatoes, cheese and turkey bacon. If I wasn't currently inclined not to move at all I would definitely cook this.
And the before quiche. Enjoy. 
I don't think any of the characters in the show will know how to cook, primarily because I don't need this exercise making me feel worse about myself somehow.


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