Edited and Retitled

I have been on extra large Tylenol and muscle relaxers for a couple of weeks. It has not been as fun as it would have sounded in my early twenties. Nothing is, though.

I found a new show that I love and promptly binged through it all. You may not have heard of it, unless you're a much bigger TV nerd than myself, but it was on for 3 years before it was struck down by the powers that be: Happy Endings!

I can only hope to one day be the Penny of my social circle- and have a social circle.

Right now all of my interactions are pretty heavily segregated by - I'm not sure. Personality aspects? Era? I think it's closer to era. I have my college friend, my post-college-wandering friend, my last-retail-job friend and then friends from each of my longer lasting office jobs. I have no idea how to merge them and I'm a little uncertain if I want to...It's probably for the best that my social life is so fractured because I am better at navigating smaller groups.

Anyway, Happy Endings is amazing- it's a marriage of the best of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., in that it focuses on a group of six people that have known each other for a long time, and includes an on-again-off-again (although what sitcom doesn't these days?) and Community, because it is a bit on the absurdist humor side. I can totally understand why it would have been a critical darling but not handled well by a major network. I highly recommend it. So highly I think liking it will be a major requirement when I start dating- along with Hannibal, 30Rock, Community and Seinfeld.

I meant to include some things about political ideology in this post but I don't really have the energy. I have a bit of a cold. I think it would be good to write some of that out though because characters should be well thought out and political ideology can influence the way they act and speak...right? I mean we're all just a bunch of concepts being considered and regurgitated at each other, right? So you have to know what concepts are going in to predict what will come out.  I have a tooth ache and a cold though so that will have to come later.

This post was originally titled David Bowie is 69 because I thought "what a cheeky, sexy age to be- I hope David Bowie has fun with it."

Then I woke up and he was gone.

At some point it was announced that David Bowie lost a battle with cancer on January 10th and the world became slightly darker for everyone who has ever wanted to be as shiny and clever. What a confusing way to start the day.


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