It's The Oscars!!

Another post that has nothing to do with the title.

I would like to watch the Oscars, to an extent. Just to see if Chris Rock ends up handing all the awards to black people who were not nominated, but equally deserving, as a surprise, but completely sanctioned twist. IT WILL NEVER BE YOUR YEAR LEONARDO DICAPRIO.

So, status update:

I am not doing that great in school. I am doing better than I was at the start of the semester- but math is hard. Fractions, specifically, are kind of a bitch to deal with when you add variables and imaginary numbers. I can't believe mathematicians are not considered wizards because this stuff is illogical nonsense that controls everything!

Even so, I have recently joined an honors society and began volunteering this weekend. I blame my new medication for all of this. I am now on medication that I have been taking on a spotty basis- in fact I have been off of it for a few days, and I am tired, and pulled out my hair a bit more today, but I refuse to admit that is because I have forgotten to take my medication for three days. Admitting so makes me feel less in control. Although I don't know that I could ever claim to be in control.

After all, I have been looking through shoe sales and work out clothes all weekend, and I certainly don't need more of either. I just enjoy stress spending.

The worst part of being a woman is searching for hours through shoe sales to find a fantastic pair of heavily discounted shoes that are not in your size!! Oh, and probably the constant sexual intimidation- but SERIOUSLY, WHO WEARS A SIZE 6?!?!

I would also like to get back into writing- I have not been able to do much of what I enjoy in my free time because of how much time I have to spend on school and indulging my fitbit's demands of activity. I have suspended my fun satire lifestyle blog- mostly because I don't think it was that funny. Certainly not funny enough to stand up to comparisons to The Onion- which is all I aim for in life. I'm considering taking improv classes- I consider a lot of things.

Other than all of the above I have lost ten pounds and today I ate enough pizza to make myself nauseous. I am a living contradiction.


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