Houston- From Afar and Very Late

Writing, I have been told (and am taking a refresher on in Comp II), is influenced by the desire to capture universal experiences. I spend a lot of time wishing I had the data on how many people are feeling the same thing I am. There is a great distance between myself and my past. Self-imposed seclusion from the majority of people I have history with. The common idea would be that it has formed a sort of scar on my psyche- I carry it with me, deeply ingrained in who I am, though I try to pretend it doesn't exist. Sometimes I look at it and it hurts. Sometimes I see the people who were there when it formed and it hurts. I wonder if they have scars in the same place.


I have been working on this post for three weeks. It's been easier to think of other things to comment on, but I wanted to describe Houston a little bit from my point of view. I just wanted to be descriptive; I think I make a lot of opinion statements.

Okay- a month later:
Houston to me is a USB stick. It's a memory space that's not always plugged in but when I reference it it's a land inhabited by curly-haired people. People who would inspire a Gotye song. People who would be relegated to the East Side of Austin and then gentrified further out.

The colossal glass structures that pierce the sky as they attempt to blend with it have never appeared diminished in their expansive reach, though I have tried to match them both in size and shimmer. There is a smoky wash to the city that gives it an unnatural hue. A surrealist tint, which could be attributed to the pollution of the port, but I like to think it's my perception of it. It was always so distant when I lived in it. A picturesque place filled with growth and possibilities.

By far my favorite aspect of Houston is its propensity to overtake smaller cities. It's the J.D. Morgan of cities- it thrives on mergers and acquisitions. It has a dumb nose, but it doesn't care if you think it is hideous.

Anyway, I have been swamped with another round of job hunting, which was settled quite nicely on Friday, and essays, readings, and tests. I am hoping to have a moment to breathe soon...and I have some things I want to do here. Namely, I want to start reviewing some of the new fall series. That will be coming up next.


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