Sometimes Its All Red Lights

I've fallen down an anime hole.
It's like a rabbit hole but no matter your preferences you still emerge reeking of hyper-nerd. Not the cool post-Cuomo style nerdom that gained traction in the last decade, but the old "let's stuff this kid in a locker, it's acting weird" kind of nerd.
I doubt even Amy Schumer could make the quiet thrill of watching hours of sparkly bobble-headed teens discovering their effervescent super-powers and bonding while cross-dressing seem normal. I can't pass this off as "adorkable."
But I'll probably never stop.
The escape from reality is so much lighter than what American television can offer.
My youth was filled with drama and snark so I occasionally drown myself in stories of camaraderie and bonds that cannot be broken by the encroaching terrors of adulthood. American shows marketed to teens are mostly about friendships persevering the cattiness of adolescence. Or they're just mini-soaps. As much as I loved, and wanted to be Veronica Mars, I would have preferred growing up Sailor Moon.
So- a month into a new job I'm having trouble navigating, six months into art concepts I keep putting off, and two weeks away from finishing my first semester back in school- I have fallen down an anime hole.

In real-peopled media: I am really enjoying iZombie. As I mentioned, I did idolize V.Mars and Party Down was equally hilarious. The other Rob Thomas knows how to show a girl a good time.

I'm also caught up on Jane the Virgin, which is really toying with my emotions. Perhaps more on that in another filler post- next time I feel guilty again for not posting regularly.

Jury is still out on the S'mores Frappuccino that came out yesterday. Mine was bitter. Sometimes its all red lights. That's why there's shoujo anime.


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