Some People Are So Loud

I am running out of ideas.

Yet, I have been thinking quite a bit. I keep forgetting to write to you. I have three bananas on my living room table that are about to expire. This is torturous because I was recently scolded by John Oliver for my lack of consideration when it comes to food:

Not personally, of course. John Oliver does not know me like that and I think he'd be quite disturbed at being the focus of so many of my blog posts if he did. I was just as horrified to be called out by an HBO show on something I have so often considered a problem but continue to do. 

There were seven bananas but I found purpose for four of them by making two smoothies yesterday. I realized I had some chocolate almond milk and nutella and everything finally started to make sense in my surroundings. I am not exaggerating, the moment was genuinely euphoric and I continue to bathe in the light of such kismet. 

Other than that I have been drawing with a bit more frequency. I have gotten a new job so I must suffer through only 4 more days of being iced out at my current one. I am also considering a web-series. I may even say it is in development as I am kind of scripting it at the moment. 

Alas, here is where I hit the familiar wall of not knowing how to do something. Many things... I'll have to look into production and scripting. I also need to paint my nails. Those birth control commercials are right, focus is so hard when you're a girl!  

My final thought- I had Thai food a few minutes ago. It was delicious, you should have been there. Primarily, because I ate alone again and I hate doing that. I am not good at commas. This is something I have come to accept from my English course- I do not speak in commas- I speak in dashes and ellipses, so it is hard to know where commas should be. But back to my lunch- it was very large. I had a pho-type soup thing but obviously not pho because pho is Vietnamese and I ate Thai and it would be racist to confuse the two. This made me wonder though, do people ever get tired of having to open fusion style restaurants to appeal to white people? Maybe they just genuinely enjoy mixing food styles? Maybe that wasn't the inspiration for things at all- but I feel like there has to be at least one restaurant that serves Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food just because people kept coming in and annoying them about not having Orange Chicken and pho. 

I also began to wonder if English cuisine has any spicy dishes. I'll have to look that up. 


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