This is a Blog- A Domain Name That Was Taken

As I begin to pen out my first sitcom pilot I find myself hitting what I'm sure is a common issue:
How do I turn the natural dramedy of life into something people can comfortably relate to? 

Of course, this sitcom is loosely based on my own experiences. Primarily, probably, because I am a self-loathing narcissist which I feel is a really under-represented character in comedy today. (pause for laughs)


The market is saturated. 

But- I still believe Morrissey could make a killing and I feel my personality is comparable.  Though not as sexy. Or concerned with animal murder. 

The other, arguably larger, reason behind basing this story on myself and my friends/peers is the honest under-representation of struggling 20-something minorities in media. The under-representation of people with untreated psychological issues eventually coming around to finding treatment... 

The world, as I experience it, has not been well educated middle class white people and their artist children struggling to find themselves. At least not all of it. Nor is the other portion a sea of minority stereotypes. 

Perhaps the reason this other demographic is hard to sell is because it is hard to sell struggle, racism and failing as anything but dark comedy. 

But life is funny. And life is not mean because life isn't capable of spite. I don't want this show to feel mean. Your life is more likely to be a sitcom than a drama and that is something to be appreciated. 

Putting together a story is daunting. (In fact it took a month from paper to computer to put down my thoughts on putting together a story.) It's hard to find a voice. 

Now is the time, though. Comedy is quickly becoming more inclusive (at least as a viewer it seems so) and now is the perfect moment to show a multicultural/ethnic cast of real people enjoying life without properly functioning brains. 

I probably won't succeed, but I am somewhat determined to try. Along side this endeavor I've also decided to write more as an outlet to the perspective I choose not to voice, to get better at writing after a long hiatus, and to entertain future projects. 

This is that.


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